It is no secret that companies have long benefited from the concept of outsourcing functions of marketing. The creative process for example has traditionally been outsourced to agencies who were paid for a catchy advertising campaign. Ads (often carrying a single message) would run across a limited number of channels; TV, radio, print and outdoor, in hopes the viewing audience would connect and act. Agencies would manage the placement and deployment of these ads and companies were left waiting/ hoping for a response from consumers.

Today the function of marketing is a bit more complicated than that. It goes without saying that there are more ways to connect with customers and prospects than ever before. We now talk with customers vs. talking at them. Customers have the ability to turn us off and decide when and where they want to hear from you. So the question is, how do you manage the chaos?

Top marketing executives have broken the code and are realizing the benefits in outsourcing the logistical and campaign management functions of marketing. What does that mean? It means Marketing executives are no longer dealing with the day-to-day distractions associated with marketing, freeing up time, allowing them to focus on the customer and strategy.

Essentially there are 3 major benefits marketing executives are seeing when they expand their thinking around outsourcing.


  1. Improve company focus– Outsourcing the logistical elements of marketing leaves management free to focus on important business related decisions. Additionally, marketing directors and managers have more time to develop strategies that are integrated and in tune with the needs of customers. Outsourcing enables an organization to direct its resources from non-core activities to ones that impact the growth of the business.
  1. Acquire world-class talent- Marketing operation firms are exceptionally good at retaining top shelf talent who specialize in a variety of marketing functions. Working with the right outsource provider can bring experience and skill sets to an organization that otherwise are not obtainable due to cost and hiring constraints. Outsourced resources often work as an extension of your team to increase productivity and help achieve goals.
  1. Lower operating costs- Lowering operating cost is one of the most compelling reasons for outsourcing. Outsourcing allows an organization to increase resources as needed without the investment associated with hiring fulltime or part time employees.