Outsourcing specific functions in marketing can deliver both strategic and tactical benefits to an organization, but how do you decide if out sourcing is right for your business?

Achieving the maximize benefits from outsourcing requires a company to look at it’s resources, and capabilities to understand what it is good at and where they can improve. We surveyed our clients and found most companies fall short when it comes to marketing process development, campaign execution, and performance management.

Here are 3 things scenarios where outsourcing can help you achieve your goals:

You are faced with resource constraints and lack subject matter expertise in a particular area:

Effective marketing requires strategic though, creative brilliance and flawless execution. Large organizations can afford employ entire marketing teams with strategist, designers, copywriters, campaign managers, etc. The reality for companies with smaller teams is they are resource constrained and can’t afford to hire complete teams. These organizations lack expertise in some areas, limiting the effectiveness or types of marketing that organization can deploy.

Solution: Outsourcing allows a marketing department to hire on-demand help to help with the development and execution of their campaigns. Outsourcing also enables an organization to hire experts of a specific marketing discipline, ensuring the greatest possible return.

You lack the proper marketing technology:

Have you ever had a really creative marketing idea, but could not execute it due to technology/ IT constraints? If you have you are not alone. Technology is expensive and it is difficult for organizations to constantly update their systems to the latest and greatest tool sets.

Solution: Working with a contracted vendor to execute your marketing can open doors to a world of new technology for your business. The right vendor is able to provide tools and experts who can successfully execute your marketing vision.

You want to focus on marketing strategy but can’t because there are too many other things distracting you:

Developing a fully baked marketing strategy takes an enormous amount of focus and time. Marketing directors who are faced with personnel constraints often have to spend their time in the trenches managing the different components associated with implementing a marketing campaign. These distractions restrict the time spent on strategy and core business goals.

Solution: Outsourced marketing operations firms specializing in campaign management can bring a huge amount of sanity to a marketing department. The right firm is able manage the chaos and free up marketing executives so they are able to focus on the organization’s marketing and growth strategies.