“Traditional market segmentation isn’t enough anymore. Marketers should now use community as a magnet and microscope.”   – Darren Guarnaccia,  SiteCore VP Product Marketing

We specialize in Social Media & Customer Analytics. Understanding customer behavior is crucial to refining marketing strategies, increasing revenue and zeroing in on new opportunities. As your Customer Insight Specialists, AIRADIS gets to know your customers better than you do across traditional, emerging, and inbound (social media) Marketing Channels.  We monitor social media sites, analyze purchase patterns, profile your audiences, and integrate social media analytics with traditional customer insights to provide you with the most relevant cross-channel analysis and insight about your most profitable customers, their preferences and their changing values and attitudes.

How we analyze data to discover unique insights about your customers.  • Customer Analysis: We analyze historical in-house customer data that has been integrated into the CIC to uncover actionable customer insight that will inform engagement strategy. • Social Media Analysis: We perform in-depth Social Media monitoring, mining, and analysis – to decipher current and changing audience values and attitudes. • Cross-Channel View: We integrate both Social Media analytics and traditional Customer analytics for more relevant and current cross-channel insight into who your customers are and what they think of your brand and competitors.  • Sharing Integrated Insight: We help you deliver Customer Insight Analysis across your organization so it may be useful in all aspects of decision making.

The advantages of AIRADIS insight:

• Clearer Customer View: By combining insight gained from analysis of both traditional and emerging media, you get to know your customers better than ever.

• Up-to-the-minute Accuracy: By weaving traditional data insight with Social Media monitoring activities, you get the inside scoop on your most valuable customers’ continually changing values and attitudes.

• Narrowed Campaign Focus: Knowing who your most profitable customers are and what they prefer, help you know where to focus your efforts.