Our Marketing Operations Advantage

Marketing Operations (CAMPOPS) Overview

Outsource your marketing operations and use our team of expert marketers to deliver positive bottom line value.

Increasing your marketing efficiency and effectiveness enables your organisations to be more agile and quickly adjust to shifts in your business, including changes in customer buying behaviour. Having the ability to make changes in your marketing strategy and deploy messaging that is timely significantly impacts marketing effectiveness.

What We Do

At Airadis we manage the execution and tactical elements of your marketing, Often, the biggest challenge in marketing is executing and reporting on the strategies you develop. These challenges are fundamental, and stem from resource constraints that all businesses face; time, budget, lack of personnel and technology gaps. Working with the our team you are able to offload the technical and administrative tasks needed to coordinate, setup, and deliver your company’s marketing campaigns, allowing you to focus on strategy, long-term goals, and big picture thinking. Our mission is to:

  • Increase Campaign Speed to Market
  • Reduce your marketing overhead and cost
  • Increase marketing and sales efficiency
  • Increase Marketing ROI

How Does It Work?

campops tool boxGetting started and using Airadis to manage your marketing is easy. Our service is more than just another online technology solution. We are a fully staffed outsourced marketing department that is easily accessible and here to expand your staffing resources.

Our consultants immerse themselves into your organization to enhance existing marketing operations and streamline processes that have gone a little askew. We work side by side with your team utilizing your customer engagement strategy, customer data, & marketing technology to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Our Process

FEASIBILITY – Keep aligned with your strategy

Our campaign managers have years of experience managing marketing campaigns. Your campaign manager will help ensure campaign strategies align with your marketing goals and help determine the optimal path for implementation.

  • Review campaign brief
  • Validation of marketing objectives
  • Assess proposed channels, segmentation and reporting metrics
  • Validate Strategy
  • Define tools
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Assess timeline
  • Deliver campaign recommendations

SETUP – Translate strategy into execution

Your campaign manager is there to help with the management and organization of the logistical elements of your marketing.

Let us handle the dirty work:

  • Communicate with internal stakeholders
  • Manage timelines and milestones
  • Coordinate and compile all of your creative/ data assets
  • Distribute these assets to the appropriate vendor or tool (no matter if its an email blast,, copy for a SMS/ text campaign , or a direct mail campaign)

EXECUTION – Save time and money

Execution can be the most time-consuming step in the marketing process. Execution takes time and extreme focus to ensure campaigns are deployed correctly. Let us handle this for you, allowing you to focus on core business strategy.

  • Gather Creative/ Messaging
  • Acquire data
  • Segment data and build list
  • Deploy Messaging
  • Manage tactics (we can insert a list of channels here)
  • Communicate with third party vendors
  • Optimize Response Management Channels
  • Manage social channel engagement

REPORTING – Test + Learn

Understanding what in your marketing mix is working requires the proper data. Let our campaign managers mine compile the results from the campaigns we deploy.

  • Analyze response
  • Measure cross-channel ROI
  • Calculate Response
  • Compile leads
  • Identify opportunities