bMingle – Social Media Marketing

What is a bMingle

The bMingle Facebook app allows our client’s customers to move their customer engagement experience from their website into Facebook.


  • Provides a marketing communication channel for you to your customers on a site they are always engaged in give them fresh content to their news feed without paying for advertising.
  • Provides a tool to users that give high value data to your customers about products they use giving higher customer satisfaction.
  • Provide your top level influencer market and decision makers tools to influence others via retweet, messaging, connecting with others that also use the product and inviting others to the app tool.
  • Give access to
    • Products they own
    • Products they are interested in as they evolve
    • Access to lab products as they evolve
    • Access to customer support via direct twitter messages or direct facebook messages or link to internal customer support location. Along with tracking of how the support issue evolves
    • Access to marketing promotional materials they can take advantage of or offer “Offers” for passing along offers to friends or others.


  • Allows them to engage with the information they need about your products in the site they spend their most time
  • Allows them to learn more information about the products via feeds to Twitter, Videos and groups in Facebook to help them get engaged with others that are interested.
  • You can give them daily insight into new versions or products or allow them to get exclusive content not found on any other locations.
  • They can find others that are also engaging with your products or services.
  • Your customers can promote your product or service via the app and the potential customer can learn more about the product vis the app product info then after they
  • Allows the customer or prospect to be in charge of the information they give you while at the same time allow you to give them the info and offers they are looking for.
Additional Work

Microsoft – App Marketing Service Center

XenonArc – Project Management Office

T-Mobile – Marketing Operations + Campaign Management

Chempoint – Technology Project Office

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