Microsoft – Windows Ambassador

What is a Microsoft Ambassador

Microsoft Ambassadors are individuals trained to represent Microsoft at events. Ambassadors attend events throughout the world where they interact with event attendees and talk about/ demo the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Category: Mobile App, Employee Training

The Problem

To become a Microsoft event Ambassador an individual has to complete a online training course where they watch a series of videos and answer questions related to the video. Previously to launching the Ambassador App on the bmingle platform, this training content was only accessible on a computer (as the old training site was not optimised for mobile or table devices). Additionally, there was no way for owners of the Ambassador program to know who has completed training. There was also no way to communicate with Ambassadors other than email once training online was complete.

The Solution: Microsoft Ambassador Mobile App

Using the platform we deployed the Windows Ambassador app which enables Microsoft to deploy training, event details, program news and more to Ambassadors. Ambassadors are now able to engage with all content associated with the ambassador program from any device at anytime. Microsoft is able to tell which ambassadors have completed their training and are now able to actively communicate with Ambassadors before, during and after events.

Additional Work

T-Mobile – Marketing Operations + Campaign Management

MICROSOFT – Retail Advisor App

Chempoint – Technology Project Office

Agility Recovery – Digital Marketing

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