Technology Consulting


With the array of technology in the market today to help you connect with your customers it is good to have a partner that has researched, deployed or managed many of the marketing and customer engagement solutions you can pick from. Our team of consultants and developers will work with you to get the most out of the technology you have deployed today and ensure the ones you pick tomorrow will integrate and achieve adoption while also fitting into your budgeting and planning strategy.

Marketing Automation (MA)

Our Marketing Automation Consultant s will set-up, execute, monitor and optimize your CRM & Marketing Automation programs and campaigns in order to ensure a flawless execution and build a strong digital strategy across all segments.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our team can help you with your data management platform software. Data from across your company and web that support your digital marketing decision and analysis. Your DMP should offer centralized data access to create targeting segments for their digital campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM and marketing automation system are solutions that when integrated can provide amazing operational efficiency and deeper insight into your customer lifecycle. However keeping these tools maintained and properly integrated is tough. Our team can help from planning, designing, deploying and maintaining this integration.

Custom Development

The solutions we architect, develop, deploy and maintain are created to meet your specific marketing or business needs. Our agile software development approach has successfully deployed complex, applications on a local and global scale. Our flexible onshore/offshore application development team provides rich experience at a cost that can fit your budget.

Web + Mobile Development

End-to-end Mobiel and Web application development services for all major mobile platforms. We handle the entire project lifecycle: from design, development, deployment, adoption and support. We bring your vision to market and support the user’s engagement to help drive value to your business bottom line.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

We are experienced when it comes to deploying a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Strategy. From custom developed solutions to 3rd party tool deployment and integration. Our team can help ensure your digital asset management tool can integrate with your existing IT and ensure brand integrity throughout all your marketing and sales activity is consistent.

Project Management

Let AIRADIS drive your strategic or technical marketing project efforts. We’ll help you determine the optimal schedule and resource mix to meet your strategic and financial goals – keeping your marketing media assignments on-budget, on-schedule and on target. Waterfall, agile or chaos we have worked in many forms of project management but in the end we focus on your bottom line, key milestones and getting your solutions out the door and deployed to the users who need it.

Benefits of hiring an AIRADIS Project Manager

  • Increased efficiency in delivering services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced project management effectiveness
  • More flexibility to adjust to change
  • Increased risk assessment
  • Increase in Quantity